Friday, February 6, 2009

Today is a Gift... That's Why They Call It the Present

It's amazing how much time I have spent away from our blog recently when it was such a huge part of our day just a month and a half ago. I think part of me avoids logging on because it's such a large part of Josephine and my memories of her. I'm not trying to avoid things linked to her because it's too painful. I think I have so much emotion wrapped up in these posts that visiting them makes all of those emotions very real again. I'm beginning to only smile when I think of her. That makes such a difference. I still can't begin to tell you how much of a blessing she was to us, to me. So many things in my life have shifted their priorities since she came to us, and I can feel a difference in my life, and I know it's because of her. Some things that were so important suddenly aren't, while other things have become quite important.

I look at Marian and James differently now. I've noticed that (most of the time) my patience with them has increased. I think it's great fun to watch them grow and learn. James is learning new words everyday. It's so much fun to try to figure out what he's saying! And he's soooo serious about the conversation he's carrying on with you! And Marian tries to be funny. She's at that great age where she's inventing her own jokes, but they're not funny and they don't make any sense. We just have to bear through them!

My relationship with my husband is so much better, too! And I'm especially glad for this. I know there can be a trend for a husband/wife relationship to fall apart after the loss of a child, and while I didn't think we'd fall apart, I did brace myself for some rough times. Luckily, they haven't come. Instead, we are closer than ever and are laughing and joking with each other more. I can't wait for Valentine's weekend and our trip to St. Louis. We're also planning a trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas for the weekend after our anniversary in March. We haven't been there since our honeymoon. I think we're going to experience one of the bath houses this time and have a massage and spa afternoon. How luxurious!! Can't wait!

Hope you enjoy the photos. Just a few that we've taken recently.... and one with Marian's new haircut! The little girl next to Marian in the picture is from the little town where Jon is teaching high school Spanish. I have no idea what her name is. Marian tends to make friends wherever she goes!