Friday, October 31, 2008

We're Home!

We made it home yesterday around 7:30 pm. Just in time to get ready for Josephine's next feeding. She is on a schedule to be fed every three hours. Of course, this means that we'll never have to worry about sleeping through the night. :)

Our first night at home was very peaceful. We are very happy to be home with all three of our children. It's amazing how much children grow in one week. I would swear that Marian is at least two inches taller, and James, well... James just seems huge!! Only a week ago I was commenting about my petite little boy. Now he doesn't seem so small!

Josephine did very well last night. One of our nurses had suggested co-sleeping so that we could get to know her breathing patterns. So, I slept propped up on pillows with Josephine swaddled on my chest. She was very peaceful all night. I think she liked being able to hear and feel my heartbeat. And it was very special for me as well.

We went to see Dr. Russell, our pediatrician, today. Josephine is up to 3 pounds 11 ounces. That's up one ounce since Wednesday. Dr. Russell told me that Josephine will be his first Trisomy 18 patient. He said he will be keeping in close contact with the doctors in Columbia so as to make sure that he can give Josephine the best care possible. We will be visiting him again next week to check her weight. If she seems to have lost any, we will increase the amount we're giving her. He said as long as her weight remains steady or increases, then we will go longer between visits.

Hospice also visited today to get the preliminaries set up. We should be meeting with our nurse at the beginning of next week. They are very lovely ladies and we are grateful to have Josephine in their care.

Time for feeding.... Thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers.


Lucy said...

Co sleeping is quite marvelous. Most of my kids loved it and I actually got to sleep that way. There isn't much more peaceful than drifting off to sleep to the sound of your new baby sleeping on your chest. I am glad you get this opportunity with Josephine.

Alisa said...

We co-slept with both of our kids. And Ike still sleeps in our bed, every chance he gets (most nights.)

I'm happy that you're all home together. You are going to have such a special time. I'm especially glad that the three of your children will get to spend time together in your home.