Friday, November 7, 2008

A Great Day

It's funny how having three children to tote around can make just a couple of things to do become an all day event. I know, I know. Those of you who already have three or more are saying, "Duh!!" It doesn't help that I feel like one of those first time mothers that has to take everything but the kitchen sink on each outing. But the truth is, I do have so much more to carry with us when we go - diaper bag for two; syringes, feeding tube, and the like for each feeding; medications; and portable oxygen tank. I'm sure I've missed a few things, too.

We started our day by going to Jeff City for family pictures. We went to a photographer named Amy Knollmeyer. We had pictures taken of our entire family, just the kids, Josephine with Mom and Dad, and then just Josephine. We are anxious to see the pictures. They should be ready in a week or so.

We also went to Josephine's pediatrician appointment. She's gained a whole ounce!! Yeah! We're up to 3 lbs. 12 oz. He also told us that her "blue" spells are probably due to her digestive system throwing her circulatory/respiratory systems off balance. Basically, as she's trying to pass gas or a bowel movement (sorry if that's too much info), her chest cavity is changing pressure which causes the blood in her heart to move backwards, if you will. Then her body isn't getting the oxygen it needs. Dr. Russell told us that our stimulating her is exactly what we should be doing. He reassured us that nothing we are going to do is going to hurt her or hasten her passing. He told us that when it's her time to go, no amount of stimulation will fix anything, so if stimulation is working right now, keep doing it. We're also to be giving her simethicone drops and pedialyte as needed to help ease any bowel discomfort.

We've also received a number of wonderful packages in the mail during the last couple of days. Josephine's Aunt Lucy sent her some booties. They are adorable! I think she'll have to wear socks with them though. Her Aunt Jeanne sent the above dress, slip, bloomers and bonnet. Jon's nicknamed them her "Angel Robes." This is what Josephine will be buried in. They are beautiful, and we are very grateful for Jeanne's talent and her thoughtfulness. Aunt Mary sent gifts for Marian and James as well. They each got a pendant with Josephine's birthstone. Marian wore hers during our pictures today. James will have his put in a safe place until he is old enough to appreciate it! :)
Well, tomorrow is another day. We've been so blessed to have so many! I'll post tomorrow's adventures tomorrow evening!

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Marylois said...

I remember well the days of toting 3 children around but I would have to say you have a few more things to have to tote! God bless you all! I'm grateful you are sharing this experience with all of us. You are an amazing family! xoxo