Thursday, November 20, 2008

We Made It!!

The above picture is just a teaser! If you want to see the rest, you can visit my Picasa Album. (Thank you, Melissa!) I went to Jeff City on Wednesday after my dr.'s appointment to pick up our pictures from Amy. They are absolutely wonderful! Amy did an amazing job, and we will definitely be going back to her for our family portraits again. If any of you are looking for a photographer, look no further!
Josephine has made it to her next milestone: one month old. And what an amazing month it has been as well. Time has flown, but has also stood still. I'm sure you know the feeling. We continue to be amazed at her strength. It turns out that our little "on-edge" weekend was caused by a little viral infection. Her body just had to fight that hard to get rid of it. We didn't end up going to the pediatrician on Monday like we expected. Dr. Russell didn't want us to bring her in that afternoon and expose her to the sickness there. The afternoons are when his sick patients are scheduled. After describing her symptoms, he told us that it sounded viral and he wouldn't prescribe antibiotics anyway. (Antibiotics are for bacterial infections only - just in case you didn't know.) He told us to replace one of her feedings with a full dose of Pedialyte, increase her fluids, and we could give her a little Tylenol for her fever. And *abracadabra* - she's feeling much better now. She's still holding her breath from time to time, but no longer turning purple or blue. We definitely like her pink!
I want to take a moment and tell you all how blessed we've been with our medical staff. I just have to toot some horns! Jon and I both feel that we have been blessed with THE BEST medical personnel on all levels of this experience. The OB nurses at Lake Regional are so wonderful. I definitely got to know the day/afternoon crew with all those non-stress tests during the last month of pregnancy. And it was very comforting that they were the nurses that were in the operating room with me during my c-section. The staff at Baypoint Maternity are wonderful as well. It's great to go to a doctor's office where the staff knows you by name and extends such a warm friendliness towards you. And my OB, Dr. Schwartz is definitely the best OB at the Lake! I couldn't possibly give all the details of my care over the last several months (it would take up too much time and space), but I can say that I am thankful that I have a doctor that takes both my and my baby's best interests into consideration every step of the way.
Josephine's caregivers have not been any less wonderful! The nursery nurses at Lake Regional did everything they could to help her before the pediatrician recommended the move to Children's Hospital in Columbia. Once we got to Columbia, the NICU nurses were phenomenal! The nurses there were signing up to "reserve" their spot to be Josephine's nurse during their shift. It was very nice to see that level of caring extended to their tiny patients. The NICU doctors were great. They were able to give us the information we needed plus all options available to us and help guide us in the best decisions to make for Josephine's sake. Cheryl, our hospice nurse, comes to visit us twice a week. She comes to check on Josephine and provide comfort to us. She has a very warm and caring personality, and has been able to help prepare us for the long road ahead. And last, but not least, our pediatrician, Dr. Russell. Josephine is his first Trisomy 18 patient, but with each visit, he has been able to tell us a little more about what's going on with her. This has provided some relief to us for when we are feeling most unsure about everything that is happening.
And not only do we have this great medical personnel working with us, we have each and everyone of you who support and pray for us. How blessed are we! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. We know that our strength comes not only from our faith, but also because of the power of your prayers. May God bless each of you!


Lisa said...

The pictures are so precious! you all look amazing. Thank you for sharing them.

Cary said...

Those pictures are amazing! Your entire family is so gorgeous and I love the black and whites! Especially of your three beautiful children! What a treasure! Thanks for posting them!

Marylois said...

beautiful. I really love the pictures of Josephine and Marian. I get the feeling of eternal friends there. Very sweet.

kelrod said...

Hi Clara, this is Kelli from the OB department, I hooked you up several times for your NST'S. I wasn't there when Josephine was born although I have been following her story through the blog that you and your husband started. I just wanted to let you know that your strength and faith are so inspiring. The pictures that Amy took are amazing, you have such a beautiful family. Please tell Marian that I miss seeing her beautiful artwork, I bet she has a lot of new drawings of her baby sister. I will continue to pray for your family. God Bless.

Heide said...

Those photos are absolutely stunning. The ones of the kids all snuggling together are just fantastic.

MarvelousThing said...

Clara, the pictures are beautiful. In one of you and Josephine, I felt like I was seeing not just you and a baby, but two beautiful women bound together by love and I knew that when you see her again in the after life, that you will know her immediately.
--Love you and thinking of you