Sunday, November 23, 2008

Quick Update

I thought I'd post just a little update this morning. I'm sure I'll have more to post this evening.

Josephine is still doing very well. Jon and I were noticing how much older and bigger she looks. Her feedings have been going well. She's been digesting her full feedings will little to no residuals. We really think that the Pedialyte is helping tremendously. It helps her to move things through her system a little easier.

We've also realized that we hadn't taken any pictures in the last few days. Definitely need to buy some batteries! We've been so thrilled with our pictures from Amy that we've been looking at them over and over again. I bought some frames yesterday to create collages so we could hang them up ASAP. So far we've only printed 4x6 photos for those frames. I'm sure we'll have numerous requests for wallet sizes. :) We'll have to wait until we go to Springfield or Columbia to print our large copy of our family photo. Unless there's a photo lab around the Lake that I don't know about (and there very well could be), the photo labs in Wal-Mart and Walgreens don't print any larger than an 8x10.

Today is Josephine's Benefit Auction at school. We'll be attending and hoping to see many of you there. We are very grateful for the donations and support from all of you. Jon and I have noticed how much easier it is to be on the giving side of a charitable act. It is incredibly humbling to be on the receiving side. We are filled with gratitude and love towards all who have helped us so far. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.

We'll post more this evening after the benefit - hopefully, with some pictures!!


Angelic said...

Do you have a Costco near by? They do bigger prints. Also check! Good luck!

Deanna Martin said...

Try "Same Day Portrait" in Osage Beach. They have some great equipment, and they are VERY nice people. I'm not 100% of just what services they offer, but I was there for some Boy Scout classes on photography last year, and I was impressed. Their number is 302-1266.

WRYE FAMILY said... will do up to poster size. They are pretty cheap. Also is cheap they are 8 cents a 4x6. Your photos are beautiful

Trevor and Melissa said...

Clara & John,
I'm so glad you posted all the pictures. They are all beautiful. What a special experience. You're welcome and thank you for sharing. You're getting better at the blogging thing:)