Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Plans

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is this week. And we have much to be thankful for. People have been sharing their Thanksgiving plans with me and it wasn't until this last weekend that I even started thinking about Thanksgiving and what we'd be doing. But finally we have decided what we'll be doing. All of our plans stemmed on little Miss Josephine and how she has been doing, and luckily, she has been wonderful! So... we will be travelling to Stark City, MO tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving day with the Bennion family. This will be their first time to see and meet Josephine. I'm not sure who's more excited - them or me! I can't wait for them to meet her! And she'll be meeting quite a few of them - Grandma Lenore, Uncle Sam & family, Aunt Lucy & family, Aunt Anne & family, and Aunt Jeanne & family. It should be a great time with lots of visiting and LOTS of yummy food!

Jon went to pick up my brother, Paul from Columbia last night. He's staying with us until we leave tomorrow. And Uncle Paul got to hold Josephine for the first time today. He spent a few hours with us in the NICU, but never got to hold her. I'm so glad he's here visiting with us!

James has been quite the big brother over the last few days. He's been giving her hugs and kisses every chance he gets, and has been very concerned about her every time she fusses. He loves to hold her and have his picture taken. What's funny is that when we are finished taking pictures, he's finished holding her. :) Marian has been quite the helper recently, too. She's been feeding Josephine most of the time in the evenings now. She loves to do it, and it's been a great help to us.

Hope all of you have a blessed Thanksgiving day. I'll share pics from the Bennion family visit soon!


Lucy said...

We can't wait to see her too. None of us will rest easy until we know little Josephine has made it here safe and sound. The sparest of spare rooms is ready and waiting for her! As is the slumber party with Marian!!

Cary said...

I just wanted you to know what a blessing reading your words has been to me. Your strength and faith are so strong. I pray that all of you have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving!

L said...

Well if everyone is as excited as Nate and I then I think the combined excitement of the Bennions must be incredible. That's what I've been most selfishly praying for the last couple weeks- that we'll get to meet Josephine! See you soon! PS Just a little sad you cut off all James' super cute curls. :)