Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wow! Three weeks....

Today we are celebrating Josephine's three week birthday. No special cake this time, just some well deserved hugs and squeezes.

Her hospice nurse came to visit today, too. Cheryl is just awesome!! We're so lucky to have been assigned to her. Cheryl was amazed at how well Josephine is doing. She came at feeding time, so she sat with us and talked through some things while Josephine ate. Cheryl was pleased with everything she noticed about Josephine today. She was alert and active, and Cheryl agrees that she has been filling out.

We took it upon ourselves to up her feeds again to 42 mL, and so far she has done very well. She has little to no residuals before the next feeding. The Lasix (one of her meds) has really been doing its job as a diuretic, so we've also been giving her the Pedialyte between feedings and that has seemed to help with the dehydration. But that does amazing things to the number of diapers we're going through! :)

We have been so blessed during this last three weeks. And today was no exception. My cousin, Debbie, called me this morning to ask me about doing a benefit auction for Josephine. She had already organized the entire thing and gotten the OK's from the right people, but just needed my approval for the final go-ahead. Debbie has asked me to let everyone I know about it, so here is the information.

Benefit Auction and Live Music for Josephine Elizabeth Bennion
Sunday, November 23rd
4 - 6 pm
RC Worthan Auditorium at Camdenton High School

Contact Debbie Napier with questions and donations (417) 426-5547 or (417) 664-2682

Donations for the auction are requested. These can be anything! Gift certificates, quilts, baked goods, crafts, products and services, etc. These donated items can be delivered to Debbie or to me. Thank you all so much!

I feel so lucky to have been blessed with all of you in my life to give my family and me all the love and support that you have. May God bless each of you with that same love and support.


Cary said...

She is so beautiful and sweet! God's blessings continue!

Alisa said...

Question for Clara--How does your hair always look so good?!

Congrats on three weeks. That's so awesome.

Clara said...

Thanks, Alisa! You have no idea how great that makes me feel after 3 weeks of little sleep and living mostly in pajama pants!!

L said...

Ok even though I know it's a feeding tube- every time I see that top pic I have a jump of alarm that somehow Baby Josephine got a hold of a sucker. Neglectful parents!!!