Thursday, November 6, 2008

Two Week Birthday!!

We're a little behind on posting for yesterday. We ended up running some errands and such. None of that is as important as the fact that yesterday was Josephine's two week birthday! Such an amazing two weeks it has been, too! A lady from church brought Josephine a birthday cake and as you can see, it was amazing! Almost too pretty to cut into.... almost. We are very thankful that she was so thoughtful.

Last night starting around 2 am and all day today has been more eventful. Josephine has had quite a few of her "blue" spells. She just stops breathing. It's not like she's gasping for breath; it's more like she just forgets to breathe. We spend the next 30-45 seconds (which seems like hours) stimulating her by rubbing her back and tummy or thumping the bottoms of her feet. We also give her "blow by" oxygen. We don't put an oxygen mask on her face, but we put an oxygen mask on her chest to give her some oxygen-rich air. We've been giving her oxygen off and on all day, both during her spells and after. We're not sure what this means. Hopefully, the pediatrician will be able to give us some info tomorrow. In the meantime, my mom is spending the night with us to help Jon and me get some rest. The three of us will be rotating shifts through the night to keep an eye on Miss Josephine.

We also had Family Home Evening tonight with Marian. We've been planning to do this since Monday, but somehow it didn't happen until tonight. Jon gave a short lesson on the Plan of Salvation (new link on the left). Marian took all of it in and understood the basics. Jon was then prompted to go ahead and tell Marian more about Josephine. Marian was quite upset, and understandably so, to find out that her baby sister will pass away shortly. We were able to remind her that we will be an eternal family and talk to her about how lucky we have been to be able to bring her home and spend time with her. We spoke with her about a few more spiritual things as well, and by bedtime, she was feeling better. She also spent some time just sitting on the couch holding Josephine and loving her. We'll probably give her the book that the social worker in Columbia gave us tomorrow. Jon feels horrible about being the one to tell her, but he said that he felt that it was the right time and felt that Marian should be able to prepare for it. As if you all aren't saying enough prayers for us, would you please remember Marian in your prayers and pray for her to have the same peace and comfort that Jon and I have been blessed with? We are very appreciative of all of your prayers and support. It is because of your prayers thta we have the strength to endure our trials. We can't thank you enough.


The Lawheads said...

We love you guys so much and I cant express the amount of strength that I feel when I am around you. Your little angel has touched so many hearts because her spirit is so pure. I am so blessed to have found the Gospel and to have the blessings of the Temple and have an Eternal Family...I never thought so much about this untill recently and we are so blessed. I am also blessed to have such great friends as you guys. We are praying for all of you to have the strength to endure this . Sorry for the lengthy comment. If you need ANYTHING at all call me any time!

Lucy said...

You did the right thing telling Marian last night. It will hurt now but she will be ready for it when it comes. We have always told our kids what was coming with their grandparents and they have handled it better. Little Hannah has been praying for Marian since she found out about Josephine. She seems to have a good handle on understnading how another would feel and wants to help and love up her dear friend Marian.

Elania said...

Clara I am still praying for peace and comfort for your family. I know how you are feeling. Both of my kids died 6 years ago this last Oct 7. They were 16 & 13 and was in a one car accident. We dont know what happened but they were on their way home and 2 miles from our house. I go by the site everyday and I know God is giving you peace and comfort just like he does me everyday. If their is anything I can do for you Clara please let me know.
Love ya